Lil Durk surprised many when he decided to come at Tyga in a short clip of his upcoming "Chi-Raq" remix posted last week. It wasn't clear why Durk had decided to diss the rapper, but it was definitely a blatant jab, with the Signed To The Streets spitter saying, "Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain’t got one stripe".

In a new interview with XXL, Durk has clarified his issues with Tyga, which he revealed began with a line he had about Blac Chyna, which Tyga asked him to change. Durk then says he was willing to do the line over in exchange for a collaboration, but while Tyga initially agreed, he later dodged Durk's texts. He also revealed that the final version of the verse will appear on a remix with Meek Mill.

Check out excerpts from the sit-down below.

XXL: I saw the preview to the “Chi-Raq” remix, and heard the Tyga diss. What happened there?
Lil Durk: The song with me, Chris Brown and French Montana, I had said a line in there, a line about Blac Chyna. It wasn’t a diss, it was just a line, like, I want her and shit. It wasn’t no diss. When we was in L.A.—me, Tyga and Chris Brown, when we first did the hook—Tyga came in and heard the line, [and] he felt some type of way. It was tension since then. Chris Brown had played it back to him. It was tension. [Tyga] was like, “Man, just change it,” and I was like, “No doubt, I’m going to change it once we get something in, I fuck with you.” He said he fucks with me and he’s been texting me since I left L.A., like, “I’m going to send you something, you going to send me something, etc.” Then he stop replying and shit, and I felt some type of way and said, fuck it then, I’m not going to kiss his ass.

What did Tyga ask, specifically? To remove the reference completely?
He asked me to shout his name out on it. So I said I’ll do it, and he said we’re going to get some work in. I think he just told me that so I could just change it and I caught on to what he was doing, so I turned up on him.

When did you record the “Chi-Raq (Remix)”?
Like three or four days [ago]; no more than a week. Meek [Mill] hit me and said he wanted me to get on [the track] with him.

Do you think you settled things with that line?
Yeah, I addressed it enough. I was just like, fuck it, anything you do in a rap, it got to be an attention-grabber, so why not address it? You see what it’s doing—million views on Worldstar.

What did Meek say when he heard it?
He said that Tyga in trouble. [Laughs]

Watch the clip below.