Lil Baby has confirmed that his crew, 4PF, absolutely did not jump his fellow Quality Control artist, Offset, calling the reports "fake news." Rumours began spreading this week that Lil Baby's squad, 4PF, a term coined by the artist that stands for "4 Pockets Full," and the Migos rapper got into a bit of a scuffle, which allegedly ended with Offset in his underwear.

According to one Instagram blog, sources were claiming that "Offset and Lil Baby crew allegedly got into a fight" and that "4PF stripped Offset of everything but his boxers and just left him there." While there's no video proof of the incident occurring, it was reportedly discovered that Offset did in fact unfollow Lil Baby and 4PF on Instagram and remove promo posts for the artist on his account.

However, it looks like these rumours have no truth to them. Lil Baby took it upon himself to set the record straight by flat out denying the claims. He commented on the IG post that reported the alleged brawl, writing, "That's cappppppoo." He also took to his Instagram stories to further address the situation, urging the media to stop reporting falsities.

Lil Baby Offset 4PF Quality Control artists jumped fight brawl scuffle rumours denyKevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

"Stop spreading fake news!!" he wrote. "That sh*t fake!! Please!!" Offset has yet to address the rumours, but maybe he's just been too busy making his acting debut this week.