Prince from Love & Hip Hop: Miami has some stories, most notably about his lawsuit against Tory Lanez and his alleged relationship with Saweetie's mother.

In the midst of Tory Lanez' legal issues with Megan Thee Stallion, the rapper was met with another lawsuit about an alleged assault that took place in a Miami nightclub. That lawsuit was filed by Prince from Love & Hip Hop. He wants a million dollars out of the Toronto native after allegedly getting socked in the face, and he's officially telling his side of the story during an interview with blogger Tasha K, challenging Tory to a celebrity boxing match.

Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

According to Prince, Tory's "Jerry Sprunger" record uses the exact same beat as one of his own music releases. While he wasn't too bothered about that, he started speaking with Tory's manager, who asked Prince to take down one post that they believed insinuated that the song was stolen. After he agreed and made nice with Tory's team, the two met up at the club but Tory was allegedly unaware that Prince had been talking to his manager. He went up to the man and punched him right in the face, according to Prince.

The reality star goes on to say that he's willing to drop the case against Tory, but that the rapper will need to sign the dotted line on a celebrity boxing match with him for that to happen.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images -- Saweetie poses with her parents Jonathan and Trinidad 

That's not all Prince had to say during the interview. He also spoke about his alleged relationship with Saweetie's mother Trinidad Valentin. "A long time ago, before Saweetie got really, really big, I used to take care of her mom when she came to Miami," said Prince. "One time she came, I think it was her fiftieth birthday, and I was just really attentive. I showed her a really good time. We ended up just staying in really close contact after that. I don't think anything is going to happen, like a relationship or anything like that. I think it was more so this young kid who has all this potential and someone that's giving her attention. We shared some messages and some moments."

Tasha K dug a little deeper, asking if he was intimate with Saweetie's mom, which he denies. "I am a gentleman and a scholar but no, we didn't end up going all the way or nothing like that. Me and Saweetie's mom, we just had a close relationship. It never got to get to that point. Nah. I have a lot of respect for Saweetie and I have a lot of respect for Saweetie's mom. You tryna have me like August Alsina out here!"

Watch the full episode of Unwine With Tasha K above.