Kylie Jenner has started up yet another round of the guessing game, and if not for the implication that Travis Scott may be on his way to becoming a new father AND husband, we probably wouldn’t waste too much time playing. But, here we are.

Last month, the rumor mill got to running after it leaked that Kylie and Trav, who have been a thing for some months now, were allegedly expecting a child together. Since that rumor took off, Jenner has rarely been spotted in public, and when she is, she’s wearing baggy clothing and taking selfies from the neck up—unusual behavior for one of the stars of this social media age in which we live.

So far, no one close to the situation has officially confirmed anything, leaving most to simply speculate on the thought of a miniature La Flame roaming the earth. Most recently, it was while en route to Kim Kardashian’s baby shower, as she and Kanye West are expecting their third child via a surrogate, that Kylie Jenner filmed a Snapchat video of her hand, flaunting a massive ring on her ring finger. In the clip, she’s clearly making sure that the ring is present and seen by all viewers. So, you see the dilemma.

Sticking to routine, no one from Kylie or Travis’ camp has come forward with any viable information indicating that the two are engaged...yet.

As for Travis Scott, things have been business as usual from the outside looking in. He recently lent an assist to CyHi The Prynce on the latter’s “I’m Fine” track, and has steadily been teasing the arrival of his forthcoming Astroworld solo album and the Quavo collaborative album—things we can prove actually exist.