Kylie Jenner made sure that Travis Scott had the greatest birthday week he could ask for. The pair had multiple parties with their family and friends, she rented a billboard to give him a birthday shout out, they dressed up as superheroes with their daughter Stormi, she had custom cakes designed to fit his tastes, she shared her love for him publicly on social media, and word on the street is she ordered a massive amount of marijuana edibles for his most recent birthday party at the Universal Studios backlot.

The Blast reports that Kiva Confections was the company behind the creation of the weed-laced sweets. They say that Jenner had to get inventive because the venue that hosted the soiree didn't allow smoking inside. Kiva Confections came to the rescue, reportedly fulfilling the order with 100 types of edibles including all sorts of snacks, candies, gummies, and chocolates.

"We’re told every single flavor of chocolate bar was provided, and over 50 bags of their Camino cannabis-infused gummies," The Blast states. "There were also limited-edition 4/20 Munchies Bars, which sold out in dispensaries, and are chock full of pretzels, potato chips and cookie dough." Scott thoroughly enjoyed his gas station-themed party where a tattoo artist was even on deck to give him and Kid Cudi matching "Rager" ink.