The dramatic unfolding in Kevin McCall's life has been too much for some people to shut out of their brains. The recording artist is seemingly spiralling out of control to a dark place and, following his arrest for assaulting a police officer, he's back on his social media antics. McCall was released from jail last week and, already, his ex Eva Marcille is shopping for a new house to get away from his "psycho" self. He's proving her right through his online behavior, going after Chris Brown and his legion of supporters with a threatening message.

As reported by The Blast, Kevin McCall made some incredibly disturbing remarks about his former friend Chris Brown and his fanbase. Returning to social media, the singer shared a throwback of himself and Breezy, calling out the man with a harsh message. "You still running rom you put-on come let me beat you up so u can throw up the hooks," he said to CB. Then, he directed his anger toward the multi-platinum star's fans.

"Imma post this everday until somebody from Team Breezy commit suicide," reportedly said McCall. "I want them all to kill themselves and get it over with. They some miserable irrelevant little fuccers who never fight in person." Wow. Clearly, Kevin is going through something dark to even consider saying something like this. Let's hope he gets the help he needs.