The world is still reeling from the release of Tory Lanez's latest album, Daystar. The multihyphenate entertainer has remained silent about the shooting accusations set against him by Megan Thee Stallion, so he used his creative space to get everything off of his chest. According to Tory Lanez, he isn't the person responsible for shooting Megan and questioned how she would know her assailant if she were walking away from the vehicle. He also vocalized his disappointment in losing many of his industry friends following the July incident while revealing details about his relationship with the Houston rapper.

There has been an overwhelming response to Lanez's album, and while some have argued that sonically it may be his best project, others have criticized him for crafting an album centered around Megan Thee Stallion. Keke Palmer shared a video to Instagram where she declared herself an ally of Meg's while penning a lengthy caption about how she believes Tory is a narcissist.

"It feels the opposite of accountable, almost seems narcissistic and I think toxic if we as a society say it’s okay. I don’t wish bad on anyone!" Keke wrote. "People make mistakes and can grow from them. However, not at the expense of someone who was put in a victimizing situation. Idk .. It’s not my situation but I just wanted to say that cause I know how it can feel when people don’t believe you."

"A person can not say they love you and want to make amends with you but then put you in situations where you can get ATTACKED. That’s toxic behavior." Check out her video and read through her message in full below.