Megan Thee Stallion was shot in the Hollywood Hills on July 12 and, after rumors started heating up, she asserted that Tory Lanez was the gunman. It took the rapper until today to address the allegations, denying them and claiming that Megan's team is trying to frame him as the bad guy. He released a new album addressing the situation, professing his love for Megan and dissing everyone from JR Smith to Asian Doll.

As we all wait for Megan's response to the project release, her team is coming forward to accuse Tory Lanez's camp of creating a smear campaign against her, using phony e-mail addresses to send false information to the media. 

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Megan Thee Stallion's attorney Alex Spiro is speaking out after a string of e-mails were sent to the media, including HotNewHipHop, meant to spread information to make Tory look better. TMZ notes that one was sent with a video of Tory's ex-bodyguard backing up the rapper, claiming that he would never hurt a woman. Another e-mail was sent from a fabricated e-mail address, meant to look like it was coming from LIV Nightclub in Miami, containing fake statements about Tory's alleged assault on Christopher Harty.

"We have been made aware of manipulated text messages and invented email accounts that have been disseminated to the media in a calculated attempt to peddle a false narrative about the events that occurred on July the 12th," said Spiro.

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The email included in TMZ's story falsely claims that Megan's team at Roc Nation influenced the plaintiff to file a lawsuit against Tory, which Roc Nation denies.

What do you make of this?