After releasing a joint single together on Valentine's Day, loving each other loudly and proudly, it would appear as though YG and Kehlani have broken up for good. The couple had been together for months, serving as one of the cutest hip-hop power couples around, attending red carpet events together and seeming battling their demons as a collective unit. Unfortunately though, YG may have ruined his chances at ever landing the Bay Area queen as his wife because, today, she wakes us all up with a new song called "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" where she seemingly addresses all that went wrong in their relationship.

It was all good just three days ago but, somewhere along the way, Kehlani woke up in the middle of the night, followed her intuition and went to read some of her boyfriend's text messages before realizing that, much like a few weeks ago, he had been cheating on her with another woman. Or, at least that's what she's leading us to believe. Lani does not mention the Compton rapper by name in the song, which was released exclusively on SoundCloud, noting that he doesn't even deserve the "recognition." Admitting that she's being a little immature, Kehlani says that she hopes her ex-lover finally gets that Paris honeymoon he's been wanting, as well as the son he's been craving, and more.

Later on Twitter, the singer told fans that she is currently single, which would appear to confirm that the track is about YG. We hope that they can both find love. Listen to the record below.