If you're reading this you care a little bit, so let us update you. Yesterday we posted that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went on a break because they were having a lot of disagreements. But new reports say they are still together and simply just dealing with normal couple issues and things aren't "perfect."

The source tells Entertainment Tonight that things aren't the best for them but their attendance to church together on Wednesday night proves that they are still very much together. Their relationship has been kept very private since they got back together late last year. 

"She's still working hard, looking after her health, and doing what's good for her," the source adds, as Selena suffers from lupus and had a kidney transplant last year. "Justin isn't walking all over her."

Apparently, Selena's mother isn't the biggest fan of their reconciliation and it plays into their relationship. "It's not easy for Selena to be stuck in the middle,” the source notes. "Her family not liking him is the biggest issue -- but if they can get through that or if her family changes their tune, things will be a lot smoother."