It's been quite the frenzied the day for Brooklynite rappers in the Beast Coast collective, following the Meechy Darko's (of Flatbush Zombies) announcement of three speculative musical projects. Within an hour of Meechy's Twitter postings, Joey Bada$$ himself a key member of the Beast Coast movement took to social media with a major announcement concerning the long-anticipated Pro Era group album, tentatively titled The G.O.D. for the longest time.

According to Joey, the group album is finito. There's nothing left on Pro Era's to-do list but to shoot a couple of videos for the project, all of which Joey Bada$$ projects will be done sometime next month, no later. Bada$$ is using the end of YouTube's first quarter as an incentivized deadline.

A strong undercurrent for The G.O.D. proto-project has existed for at least two years now, back when Bada$$ conjointly Tweeted the album's speculative title within the same time interval. Joey, in his assumed role as the collective's spokesperson, later elucidated the meaning behind the Tweets in an interview with Revolt TV.

The Pro Era album that Bada$$ just confirmed "complete" gives the Beast Coast collective a completion rate of 4 album revelations in one day. The last we heard of Joey (on a comprehensive level) was his 2017 album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$, which garnered many plaudits on the basis of his personal growth - his artistry notwithstanding. Are you psyched on the Pro Era news, give us your thoughts, and/or expectations?