When it was first reported that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were getting a divorce, they were both attached to a number of potential romantic suitors. The rumor mill was spinning rapidly, linking Kim Kardashian to Van Jones and Kanye West to... Jeffree Star??? 

After a TikToker made the baseless claims that Kanye West was hooking up with a popular male beauty guru, the world quickly put two and two together, connecting him to Jeffree Star. After all, the two only live a few miles away and they both own property in Wyoming. Jeffree initially went along with the joke but after a while, he admitted that he's never been romantically involved with the creative. During a recent interview with E! News, the beauty mogul confirmed that he never dated Kanye, revealing that he's not his type.

"I think the coincidence is crazy when you live in Hidden Hills, two miles away from him and then I've always loved Wyoming and I was obviously aware that they had been going there a lot," said Jeffree Star. "I think the rumors are funny, they're hilarious. I had no idea that a girl that was on TikTok made it up until recently, so that was a shocker."

As for whether we might see them date in the future, Jeffree said that Kanye isn't his type. "I really did mean when, I say I really do like tall men. I think Kanye's music is amazing, but he's definitely not for me," he concluded.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

It was confirmed today that Kanye West is "100% romantically linked" to supermodel Irina Shayk. So, it seems as though Jeffree isn't Kanye's type either. Can we dead these rumors, now?