It seems as though the internet has really opened up a can of worms with this story. Last night, it was reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were moving forward with a divorce. The unconfirmed report has kicked off a slew of new rumors involving both parties that make up KimYe, including alleged "sources" that are claiming Kanye has been hooking up with beauty influencer Jeffree Star. That wasn't all for the ludicrous rumors though because, on Kim's side, she's also being riddled with speculatory assumptions about who she might be spending her time with.

As Kim and Kanye supposedly live out separate lives in Los Angeles and Wyoming, they are facing numerous rumors about who they could end up dating post-divorce. We've already discussed the ridiculousness of the Jeffree Star speculation, but let's spend some time on the Kim Kardashian and Van Jones talk.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Divorce papers haven't even been signed yet but it feels like everybody is trying to figure out who Kanye and Kim could potentially move on with. For Kim, the most popular response has been Van Jones, the 52-year-old bestselling author, CNN host, and Emmy Award winner. Jones has been helping Kim on her journey to becoming a lawyer, and considering the fact that he got divorced just one year ago, people think they can see a love story developing before their eyes. The internet has been running off with the gossip, but there's no base to the rumors, which were seemingly just thrown from out of the blue.

Hopefully, Kim and Kanye can release statements soon addressing all of this chatter.