The loss of beloved rapper Juice WRLD has prompted numerous conversations as it pertains to health and addictions, and the ladies of The Real added their opinion to the discussion. On Tuesday, the panel chatted about the 21-year-old rapper who lost his life after suffering a seizure at an airport in his hometown of Chicago. There have been reports that Juice WRLD may have swallowed pills just prior to his convulsions in order to hide them from authorities, which may have aided in his demise.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Jeannie Mai opened up about what led to her experimenting with drugs and why she realized it wasn't for her. "I had a really dark time in my life when I split from my family and moved out, lived in San Fransisco, like, every drug you could imagine was there," she said. Jeannie shared that drugs "replaced the joy" that she didn't have and being high was more "fun"—she said the word while using air quotes—because it made her feel as if she could be and do anything.

However, the low that occurred after the high was over was something she couldn't handle. "That crash is what made me realize that it was darker than the pain that I actually had in my life," Jeannie added, "That led me to go, 'Oh, shoot. This ain't for me." She also said she had the"discipline to not get addicted," unlike many others who find themselves hooked on substances. Watch the clip of the episode below.