Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Jeezy took his boo Jeannie Mai home for the holiday to meet his family, and Jeannie had nothing but positive things to say about the experience. "It was an unforgettable, surreal moment," Jeannie told her co-hosts on The Real, when they asked how it went. "It was so wonderful to meet his family and be able to spend time together," she said later in the video. While it sounds like Jeannie was welcomed with open arms by Jeezy's whole family, one family member in particular showed Jeannie just how special they wanted her to feel.

“This was what was most meaningful. I asked his auntie, who loves to bring different dishes, to make me some oxtails and some chitlins." Though Jeannie says she "threw it out there thinking she wasn’t going to do it," Jeezy's aunt, who they call "Mother," she says, showed up to Thanksgiving with Tupperware containers full of chitlins and oxtails just for Jeannie. "She was like, ‘This is just for you, don’t let anybody else have any,'" Jeannie recounts. She also mentions that there was a DJ for the "lit lit party" after dinner, and that people were doing the electric slide. Sounds like the holiday was a success for this power couple.