Jay-Z's new partnership with the NFL is still stirring up a ton of conversation. Some are still critical that the rapper is still working with the NFL despite the fact that Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed from joining any NFL team. Everyone's had an opinion on the joint effort -- some, like T.I., Diddy, and Freddie Gibbs, have sided with Hov while others, like Jemele Hill, Nessa Nitty, Eric Reid and seemingly Kaep himself, have expressed their disappointment in the hip-hop giant.

Tina Lawson, Beyonce's mother, has broken her silence on the matter, bringing up an interesting point about Hov's philanthropy. She took to Twitter to seemingly take aim at Hov's critics over his deal with the NFL. Tina Lawson shared a repost from Jay-Z and Beyonce Instagram page that posed the question, "Meanwhile Jay-Z been sending millions of cases of water to flint and not even saying a word about it. What have these Twitter woke blue checkmarks done?" She simply captioned the post, "Repost: good question."


During the press conference to announce the deal, Jay-Z asked a similar question to the "woke blue checkmarks" on Twitter. "It's a natural emotion to be upset but where do we go now? Where we gonna take it? What are we going to do?" He asked. "And what is everyone doing? ... Everyone can speak like the Twitter people you're talking about. Everyone can talk, ask them what have they done. It's 365 days last year. I can tell you exactly what I've done last year... I can tell you the amount of people I've saved from going to jail, I can tell you that I got this person out of jail. I can tell you I've done this, this and that."