DJ Khaled has been known to put on a show. Last year, to generate hype for his single, "I Wanna Be With You", he staged a proposal to Nicki Minaj, who happened to be featured on the track.ร‚ย 

This year, Khaled is gearing up for another release, and he's gone to MTV studios once again to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Host Rob Markman sets Khaled up for his promo assault, which begins with Khaled getting out of his chair and passionately yelling about his domination of the last seven summers, declaring, "Every summer's mine! I'm the king of the anthems!"

Getting progressively louder, the We The Best DJ then makes his big announcement-- that Jay Z will appear on his upcoming single. Khaled then drops the mic and dramatically storms offscreen.ร‚ย 

Could this be the song with Hov, Drake, Rick Ross, and Futurethat was rumored to drop last year?

Watch the full clip below.