Even though he may be suffering from success, DJ Khaled clearly doesn't shy away from his feelings for Ms. Nicki Minaj. During a recent interview with MTV News, he decided to make a very special offer to Nicki, confessing his love for the YMCMB queen and asking for her hand in marriage.

You're probably thinking, "What the hell, is he serious?" Hopefully not, but it's worth a watch nonetheless. How 'bout that rock, though?

Check out Khaled's proposal below.


[Update: Rick Ross Says Khaled Is "Not Playing"]

While all else points to Khaled's recent proposal to Nicki Minaj as a publicity stunt (Nicki will appear on his new single), those close to him continue to perpetuate the rumor. Rick Ross (who will also appear on the next single) sat down with Power 106 to discuss the video of Khaled popping the question.

While Ross had yet to see the clip, when he was shown an excerpt of it during the interview, he asserted that the DJ was "Not playing."

"Khaled looks serious right there," said Rozay, approving of the pairing. "If they tie the knot, I got to most definitely represent like a boss," he said.

"If you spend a half a million dollars, you're dead-ass serious," Ross argued, and revealed that he'd heard "chatter" about a proposal at the video shoot for "Take It To The Head".

"I guess it's time to sit that ass on the lap," he concluded.

Watch the interview below. 

[Update: Khaled Maintains His Seriousness]

In an new radio interview with Power 106's DJ Felli Fel, Khaled has maintained his seriousness in his proposal to Nicki Minaj. 

"I just had to be honest. I always liked her. She’s my friend, of course... and I like her. It’s more than a crush," says Khaled. "I feel like I understand. I know she’s out there hustlin' and I respect that. I feel like I can take care of her, and not just that, she’s beautiful... of course I wanna marry her!" 

He is prepared for rejection, though. "If she says no, it’s all love. She’s my friend. She might not be ready for marriage. I want kids, I want a lot of things, but you gotta be ready for this." 

However, this didn't stop him from proposing to her again at the end of the interview: "Nicki Minaj, I love you. Nicki Minaj, will you marry me? I ain’t changing that." 

Minaj has yet to respond.

Listen to the full audio below: 


[Update: Khaled Admits He Was Joking]

After much talk about the sincerity of Khaled's proposal to Nicki Minaj, it became fairly clear by the title of his new single that it was a promotional move. Nicki has since let the cat out of the bag, but we had yet to hear from Khaled himself.

In an interview with T.T Torrez, the DJ finally owned up to his misdirection.

“I was just having fun with it and just show love. Bring some excitement for my fans and connect with the record." he admitted. "I just wanted to tap into the emotion of the record and really spread a message. I was joking with it and having fun. We be so busy making these big hits and I wanted to come with a dope plan to present the next smash single besides just giving it out.”

Khaled then expressed pride in his performance. "I think I did pretty well on the proposal, cause I wanna get into movies and stuff." he said, as well as revealing what would happen with the giant diamond from the video. "I'm just gonna add that diamond to one of my pinky rings or my necklaces, because I love diamonds too."

Listen to the full interview below.