This week's FIRE EMOJi playlist illustrates just how far-reaching a single gesture can be. In one fell swoop, J. Cole's "Middle Child" put the entire rap game on notice, and it certainly secured him a spot on this week's playlist. By asserting himself the current BEST, Cole engendered a response a timely-response from Tory Lanez on the same grounds. But in a World of absolutes, a boastful claim cutting against the grain can only mean one thing: a "distorted self-image," as Cole eloquently stated this past week.

In all honesty, Tory Lanez wasn't remotely close to displaying his "best-self" during his Twitter tantrum, that honor went to T-Pain (and even Casanova) who enlisted his help on the Big Tymer refix "Getcha Roll On." No one will ever manage to scrub T-Pain of his relevancy; the same can be said for Tory Lanez and his long-held grievances. That "chip of the shoulder" sure has its benefits.

And finally, the other 1/3rd performing at a particularly higher clip than the rest was Boogie, and fittingly so - this was the week his Shady Records debut came out, after two years of non-stop patronage. "Soho" featuring the might JID is our selection, but it could have gone which way, Everything's For Sale is up there with The WIZRD and Assume Form as early frontrunners in '19. Boogie is joined by GoldLink, Yo Gotti, XXXTentacion, Tyga, and Night Lovell to round out the list.

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