One of the most talked about tracks off J. Cole's recent album, KOD, was "1985," the closing track of the album which contains a warning for all the young rappers out there popping xans, flexing their ice, and not worrying about tomorrow. While Cole doesn't mention anyone by name, fans have surmised that Lil Pump is the most likely target, as he's gone after J. Cole in the past. 

As J. Cole was performing at JMBLYA festival last weekend, he began to perform "1985," cutting off the backing vocal track so he could rap his verse acapella alongside the crowd. The crowd was charged up for the next verse, because in the brief period after Cole asked for the music to be cut, the crowd erupts in chants of "Fuck Lil Pump" and "Fuck 6ix9ine."

Cole doesn't appreciate this show of hostility, and immediately tells the crowd, "Don't do that." After repeating it several times to no avail, he begins to rap his verse, drawing the crowds attention back to the music. 

One artist who surprisingly wasn't mentioned in the chants was Smokepurpp, who has been on an anti-J. Cole crusade ever since KOD dropped. Besides outright stating that Lil Pump was a better artist than J. Cole, he's also been a target of Cole fans' ire, and has had "Fuck J. Cole" chants at his own shows, which he opted not to discourage.  

Props to J. Cole for taking the high road in this "beef." Check out the video of Cole stopping the chants below.