Last month, Lil Xan was highly criticized over his comments about Tupac's clout level in an interview. The backlash was high and while some say that even bad publicity is indeed a good marketing strategy, the remarks put many fans entirely off of the rapper. While he is entitled to his own opinion, he was effectively "banned" from hip-hop by Waka Flocka. Somebody else that Waka Flocka has issues with is Smokepurpp and the young Floridian's recent comments may land him in a similar amount of hot water. Days after trolling fans by claiming he was featured on the rapper's K.O.D. album, Purpp is claiming that his friend Lil Pump is better than J. Cole.

During an interview with The Source TV, Lil Purpp was seemingly asked if he thinks Lil Pump is a superior artist to J. Cole, to which he replies, "I don't listen to J. Cole, so yes." He continues by stating that, "Lyrically, I don't know. Somebody else gotta compare that. I'm not the right person."

Once again, Purpp is entitled to his own opinion on the matter and, given his relationship with Pump, it is unsurprising for him to fully get behind his wave. However, this remark is sure to land in the lap of the same people who criticized Lil Xan. Watch the video below where he comments on Waka Flocka and makes the potential controversial comment.