Despite the fact that the young generation of rappers seem to love "water" ad-libs so much, they certainly harbour a disdain for the element itself. Such was the case when the divisive rapper Smokepurpp took to the stage, only to be doused with water by an alleged J. Cole fan. This blatant disrespect led to a brawl of sorts to break out, which eventually culminated in the five-0 making an appearance.

One user from r/hiphopheads claims to have been in attendance, explaining that Purpp left the stage after the dousing, and his entourage proceeded to track down the ne'er do well. After setting their sighs on a potential culprit, the crew went on to administer a beat down until police had to step in.

Granted, this entire story remains in the speculation stages, and details remain scarce. Footage of the incident has surfaced via the ever vigilant Akademiks, who claims Purpp leapt from the stage to administer a "flying falcon punch." Unfortunately, the footage features little in that department. Still, it's interesting to watch this alleged war between Smokepurpp/Lil Pump & J. Cole fans unfolding in real time. As it stands, first water has been spilled.