Chicago's G Herbo has recently been hit with some misfortune. Last night (Thursday, February 22nd), the rapper was stopped at the South Loop section of Chicago. Fox 32 had the initial story, reporting that Herbo and two other men were caught in possession of illegal firearms. They were immediately charged after officers discovered loaded guns on each individual. Herbo, Deavonte Royale Kimbale and Marchello Walton received a felony count of "aggravated unlawful use of a loaded weapon in a vehicle without a FOID card." The bond hearing is set to go down today.

The situation is made all the more disheartening as the rapper is set to become a new father. In November of 2017, the Humble Beast rapper celebrated the impending arrival of his child with girlfriend Ariana Fletcher. At the time, her due date was revealed to be coming "in a couple of months." Hopefully Herbo can beat this case, as it would be unfortunate to see a young talent locked up on the verge of fatherhood. 

Herbo recently re-released his acclaimed Humble Beast project, hitting fans with an updated version. Fourteen new tracks were added to the mix, with guest appearances Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, Chance The Rapper and more. Hopefully Herbo can catch a break on this one with minimal interference to both his professional and personal life.