Ever since Freddie Gibbs dropped the fantastic Bandana with Madlib about a month ago, the hip-hop establishment hasn't stopped heaping his praises, and rightfully so. Gibbs has the ability to drive a musical project all on his own, not to discredit Madlib impressive work rate.

As Gibby trudges along, he's found time to visit the MoMa, as an artist in residency. He's gone about touring across North America, all in an effort to galvanize this special moment in time: His uttermost visibility (in 2019) as a Top 5 emcee, up there with the best of 'em. If you're not so inclined to agree, feast your eyes on his recent appearance on an LA Leakers' broadcast, where he spits an infernal free-write over Dom Kennedy's "My Type of Party" whilst buoying his son on his knee. How's that for multi-tasking?

Just the other day, Freddie proclaimed himself the "Best Rapper in the Game" while presenting his latest opus Bandana as hardwon evidence. In our interview with the incumbent champ, he posited that Bandana was intended to be his swan song from rap, but somewhere along in the process, Freddie was re-energized by his own rapping acumen, eliciting him to blaze past the checkpoint like a Zebra with Vaporub nestled under its nose.