Dom Kennedy

Real Name
Dominic Hunn
Alias Name
Date of Birth
Aug. 22, 1984 - Age 39
Leimert Park, Los Angeles
OpM - Other People's Money

Artist Bio

Dom Kennedy has forged a name for himself in Hip-Hop, via a string of well-received mixtapes leading to a couple of albums released on his own label. With an entrepeneurial spirit, Dom Kennedy has implanted his own brand of straight-forward lyricism over smart, distinctly west-coast production. He began releasing mixtapes in '08, receiving substantial cred' in the L.A. underground with his 2010 mix, "From the Westside with Love." The L.A. rapper has since worked with Ty Dolla Sign, Skeme, and Nipsey Hustle. His acclaim was such that Interscope tried to sign him, but Dom, true to his indie roots, chose to remain independent. 2013 saw the release of his second album, "Get Home Safely," featuring collaborations with Krondon and TeeFLii, with production largely done by The Futuristiks and DJ Khalil.