Famous Dex is a name often associated with the virally adored new wave artists of the South, like Atlanta's Lil Yachty -- with whom he shares a hairstyle (and color) -- or Trill Sammy and Ugly God from Houston. Aside from Rich The Kid, the label's founder and CEO, Famous Dex is the only current signee of Rich Forever Music, and he's earned a deal with 300 Entertainment as a result, as the two companies officially partnered this summer.

Dex's music is built on turning up in the silliest, most fun-loving manner possible -- another reason why his name has resonated more so in the blogs than in the streets and why he's popped off in scenes that embrace a creative youth culture, rather than those that focus on crime and violence. Even so, Dex, now 23 years old, hails from the South Side of Chicago, and he made his name in his home neighborhood of Englewood, a place that plays an indelible history in Chiraq drill music. And like guys like Durk and Keef, Dex's backstory is filled with pain and struggle, including the loss of his mother just over a year ago. 

As his name continues to rise, here's a guide to all that you need to know -- all the positive as well as the controversy -- about Famous Dex. Scroll through the galleries to get started.