Could we finally be getting a response to Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil?" While the clip promoting Eminem's upcoming interview with Sway, which airs tonight at 8 PM EST, does not necessarily confirm the fact, it does seem as though the situation will at least get brought up. Em's upcoming video for "Lucky You" drops tomorrow but before then, we will be sitting through his exclusive Kamikaze interview with Sway. 

The teaser clip is relatively short, starting out blank before going into a snippet of Eminem looking pretty intense, saying, "Now, you're a fucking enemy." We've been waiting for Shady's response to MGK for over a week now and while with every passing day it seems more and more unlikely, this is a promising sign. Of course, he could also be referring to somebody else that he dissed on the album or another person altogether. Perhaps the culprit is Joe Budden, who has been involved in a heated feud with the artist for years.

Many of the fans in the comments section are betting on Em responding to MGK tonight, whether on record or by simply ethering him with his words, which would be somewhat upsetting after all this build. Hopefully, we get some sort of reply tonight. What do you think?