Drake took his son Adonis to the Los Angeles Lakers game last night, which ended up being the team's final game of the season. They were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs in a 113-100 loss to the Phoenix Suns. The father-son duo arrived just after Anthony Davis stepped off the court with a groin injury, heading to the locker room and returning to the bench to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines. While they arrived together, Drake and Adonis curiously weren't seated together.

Showing up hand-in-hand with his three-year-old son, Drake assumed his courtside duties at the game while his mini-me sat in the row behind him. Adonis wore headphones to block out the noise of the game. At times, Drake went over to his son's section to point out specific players on the court. It's likely that Adonis wasn't courtside with his daddy for security reasons.


Adonis has taken an interest in basketball in recent months. Both of his parents have posted videos of the toddler sinking some shots on a mini hoop. Adonis seems to be fixated on LeBron James, wearing a #23 jersey to the game after Drake caught him ogling Bron's best moments on YouTube the other day.

Hopefully, they enjoyed their night out for the NBA Playoffs, despite the game being pretty one-sided.