We may only be a few days into 2019 but there are already a few major talking points to start off the year. As we look forward to another great campaign for hip-hop music, we're hoping to see some old and new faces make themselves contenders for the crown. Rap has always had a competitive aspect to it and there's nothing quite like the power of bars. G-Unit was packed with lyricists who knew how to work with words. The New York wordsmiths may be plotting on a reunion in 2019 because DJ Whoo Kid, who worked frequently with the group, just publicly stated that he wants to get the crew back together for another run.

Whoo Kid shared a photo of himself, Tony Yayo, and the Punchline King Lloyd Banks, writing that he'd like to get back to work with them. Of course, you would expect 50 Cent and Young Buck to be involved in the reunion process if it actually happens. Whoo Kid wrote, "I Gotta do something this year," tagging his G-Unit buddies in the post. People in the comments are practically begging them to piece the puzzle back together and we can't blame them. G-Unit had such a potent run at the top of the game that we would love to see them try and re-spark the flame.

Do you think they're just messing around or could G-Unit actually be getting back together this year?

Fernando Leon/Getty Images