The Rap game has had a keen eye on women rising through the ranks as there has been an increasing number of ladies making waves in the industry. You can't go anywhere without hearing about Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, or Cardi B, and women like Young M.A, Mulatto, Chika, Tierra Whack, Bia, Dreezy, Kali, Flo Milli, Rapsody, and several others are staking their claim in the industry. This has prompted conversations within the Rap community about who is the leading voice of this movement, and all comparisons are made to Nicki Minaj.

The Queen rapper's longtime touring DJ, DJ Boof, decided it was his turn to share a few thoughts about "female [artists]." He wrote on his Instagram Story, "Man.... I miss Nicki just like y'all."

"Female artist y'all really gotta step ya bars up and start making music.. cuz some of this sh*t Im Hearing is terrible. Just saying." It isn't an unfamiliar opinion, as rapper CupcakKe recently shared on Twitter, "Female rap is boring to me right now." After being criticized over her opinion, CupcakKe returned to double down on her message.

Minaj fans are some of the most dedicated supporters in music, and they don't believe anyone can come close to being the next Onika Maraj. Check out DJ Boof's post below and let us know if there is a woman in the Rap landscape that has the chops, and the bars, to be the next huge star.