Curren$y stopped by the BET green-screen to rate them bars. You know the segment where "blindfolded" rappers toy with the idea of critiquing their peers, past, and present. The Louisiana-native was given a sampler that includes lyrics from a varied list of performers including Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, and fellow NOLA rapper B.G, who himself scored a whopping 5-mic rating after Curren$y deliberated for a few minutes.

By the time Curren$y was presented with lyrics Mac Miller's 2013 record "Money Shot," it had become apparent (at least to me) that Curren$y is generally an optimistic earthling, but also someone with an ability to retain information longterm. On top of identifying Mac's verse, he also remarked on how pleasing the "bong-ba-bong-bong" onomatopoeia is to the ear when delivered with Mac Miller's cadence. 

"Mommy, I don't need a ho, wonder why I keep her though
She got that bong-ba-bong-bong like how the speakers go
Kick it on the FIFA flow
We fucking with a Jedi, on my left side I got C-3PO."

- Mac Miller "Money Shot"

Curren$y, an ardent fan of jewelry gave anyone touting their diamonds-collection high marks. Even Tyga was able to sail away with a debatable 5-mic rating for his middle-verse on "Taste." Gunna scored a well-earned 4-mic rating for his "booger" line on "Drip Too Hard." Check out the video-in-full, below.