Former White House Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci's tenure as part of Donald Trump's administration lasted for just a few days, but this hilarious moment will live on forever in the hearts and minds of hip-hop fans everywhere.

During a recent Twitter Q&A, the Mooch fielded inquiries into his musical preferences. First he was asked about his stance on Nicki Minaj, insofar as whether he's a fan or not. He replied, to the surprise of many, that he was indeed a supporter of Nicki's.

Later on, another Twitter user asked him if he likes Cardi B's music more than Nicki Minaj's, to which he hilariously replied, "“My sons do. Not as familiar with his music." The tweet has since been deleted, but as per Uproxx, that is indeed what the former Washington heavyweight said. To be fair, it's probably an unlikely scenario that a 53-year-old white politician would know every minute detail about Cardi B and her career trajectory thus far. However, if his sons are both big fans, just asking them for a link or something other form of bare minimum research probably could've saved him from this foot-in-mouth moment. He may have left the spotlight of Capitol Hill, but sometimes bad luck can follow you around just when you least expect it.

For fans of rap music and basically anyone who's had even a peek at the singles chart in the past three months, you'll know that Cardi B and "Bodak Yellow" continue to dominate the mainstream landscape. Holding down its position atop the Hot 100 for the third week in a row, the new first lady of hip-hop fended off hot tracks from Post Malone and J. Balvin to stay in the peak position on the chart. Cardi also beat out Aminé, Kodak Black, Playboi Carti and others for the Best New Hip-Hop Artist honor at the BET Hip-Hop Awards this year. The nods for Hustler of the Year, Single of the Year, Made-You-Look (Best Hip Hop Style) and Best Mixtape also went Cardi's way.

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