This might end up being interesting... This year, we've been treated to several prominent rap beefs, impressing the majority of us with passion, severity, and swiftness. The most recent battle we enjoyed was between Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez, and that might not be over yet. Pusha T and Drake also exchanged a few heated tracks this year, with MGK and Eminem getting a lot of attention through "Rap Devil" and "Killshot" respectively. While the lyricism may not be all there in this next feud, it looks as though we'll be treated to a rap battle between Cardi B and her husband Offset.

This year has been extremely impressive for the two artists and now, they have a chance to go up against one another to prove who has the best bars. Cardi laid down the challenge on Instagram, telling her fans that they can tune in on November 29 at 12 PM. The entire thing will be going down on the TikTok app. This isn't just for fun either - there are some pretty high stakes. Whoever loses the battle will have to buy all the Christmas decorations for their houses in Atlanta and New York. We're sure both of them can afford to spend a couple hundred (or thousand) on holiday decorations but this is still a pretty big deal. Holiday shopping can get pretty hectic.

Will you be tuning in to their battle in a few days?