Cardi B's had a great year this year. She's rose from a mixtape queen to a Billboard chart topping rapper. Since then, she's dominated the mainstream and it's been relatively difficult to turn your head without seeing her name pop up. A few weeks back, Cardi B and Beyonce rattled the Internet when a photo of them surface. Rumors started swirling that the two of them may have some music together after sound engineer, Michael Ashby, posted a picture of a music file that had Cardi's and Beyonce's name written on it alongside "demo." He later apologized to Queen Bey and her fans for putting it out publicly but it was still a mystery whether the collaboration was actually real. 

Cardi recently addressed the rumors after her performance at Powerhouse last night with Billboard. When asked about Ashby's photo, Cardi said, "Harper, I don’t know that man. I don’t know him!” 

She later elaborated, saying "I don’t even know why people are making those speculations,” she said, “I don’t know that man."

While she may not have music with Beyonce on the way, that doesn't mean she doesn't have work with other artists on the way. This morning, Migos' dropped their first single off of Culture II "Motor Sport" featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. However, she revealed that she has some work with Kehlani. Kehlani previously said that she'd be interested in doing a joint project with Cardi.

"Oh, there’s something…we’ve been working on that,” she says. “Yes, it’s so beautiful.” While it may not be a full project, Cardi says she's in the midst of wrapping up her part.

"Well, I haven’t finished it, but I heard something and I was like, ‘Oh, Kehlani! I love her.' She’s such a sweetie. Definitely," she told Billboard.

Despite her winning streak this year, it was reported last night that she's currently facing a lawsuit from the man on the cover of her Gangsta Bitch Vol 1. mixtape. The man claims she used his image on the cover without his approval, nor was he contacted from Cardi or her team about the photos usage. She's yet to respond to the allegations but we'll keep you updated on that.