Cardi B's enjoying her rise to stardom. It comes with a lot of perks like going to star studded events, performing on major stages and you know, getting money. However, there are negative sides to being in the limelight and Cardi B is about to deal with some of those. She's reportedly now getting sued for a cover of one of her old mixtapes.

Cardi B's Gangsta Bitch Vol. 1 mixtape is now a focal point of a lawsuit, according to TMZ. Reports say she's now being sued by the model on the cover of the mixtape. This mixtape cover features Cardi sitting back, drinking a Corona while a man's back faces the camera, insinuating he's performing cunnilingus on her. However, it turns out, the guy that's on the front cover never even met Cardi B in his life. 

Kevin Brophy, the alleged man on the cover, says the image is definitely him due to the very distinct tattoo on his back but he never posed for the photograph nor did he sign off on his image being used in that manner. He says that he only found out about her use of his picture after his friend came up to him and said how crazy it is that he's giving head to Cardi B on the cover. The court documents TMZ obtained says that he's never been in contact with Cardi or her team and it also says that the tattoo featured on the album art of a tiger battling a snake is a tattoo he's had for over 10 years. 

The documents reportedly also say that Kevin Brophy's son not only asked him who the girl on the cover is but what Brophy is doing to her. It says his son continues to bring it up as well. There hasn't been a response from Cardi B yet but we're sure she'll have something to say about it, she's never one to hold back her tongue.