Since March, Bow Wow has seemingly been in a disturbed mindset, posting periodically about his suicidal thoughts and potential self-harm. While his fans have been worried, the rapper and entertainer, real name Shad Moss, appears to now be enjoying life with his girlfriend, keeping his mind off of any potentially damaging ideas. While the legitimacy of Moss' cries for help is debatable as some believe he is simply crying out for attention, any behavior similar to that of Bow Wow's on social media recently should be taken seriously. Cracking a joke about his recent tweets, the artist shared a photo of himself wearing a straitjacket, looking dead into the camera.

Bow Wow captioned the photo, "Went and got the HELP i needed #Greenlight6 💊 🌡💉🏪," joking about his mental health and possibly trying to make a statement. The most common usage of a straitjacket is to restrain people who may cause harm to themselves, which Moss seems to be poking fun at here. He most certainly would not be uploading photos if he were actually admitted to a mental asylum. The post comes in advance of his Greenlight 6 mixtape, hyping up the release which was delayed after an expected May 21 drop.

On top of G6, Bow Wow has also announced his upcoming Edicius project with the title spelling "suicide" backward. The photo in question is included below.