It is never nice to see anybody else having a difficult time in their life. Mental health is a serious issue and should be discussed on a generally wider stage. In what appears to be a call for help, Bow Wow has engaged with his followers, being incredibly brave and open as he shares his current thoughts, which appear to be somewhat suicidal. Having enjoyed a high level of success early in his career, Bow Wow has struggled to remain relevant in the last few years as he looks to become a mainstay in the music industry. From the looks of it, his effort has worn him down as he posted some seriously disturbing posts on his social media platforms.

"Sometimes i wish i wasnt here........" was sent out by Bow Wow's Twitter account, with many of his fans rushing to support the singer and actor. Moss went into further detail on an Instagram post, captioning a photo of himself, "Sometimes i REALLY wish i never existed... i can never do SHIT RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off ....." Bow Wow has not made reference to the posts since publicizing them, choosing to play around with Jermaine Dupri and show off his Adidas tracksuits

We hope that Bow Wow has somebody that he can talk to when he has these thoughts, as he has proven himself to be a unique talent since he was a child.