Bow Wow's been doing a lot lately. Most notably his Twitter rants that started out as a cry for help to his fans that claim to have his back, but apparently don't defend him when he needs it most. If there's one person that's on his side it's got to be his girlfriend Kiyomi, as Bow is looking to marry the "Wildnout girl" - or may have already?

Being that it's Kiyomi's birthday, the Instagram model posted some revealing pics of a photo shoot to her feed and Bow Wow commented calling himself her "husband."

"Happy birthday! I love you so much. Pack your bags I’m taking you out the country for a few days. We’ve done so much in so little time. You deserve everything and as your husband ima make sure of that. Baby wait til the world sees your talent. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU CAN DO. I love you! @kiyomileslie 💍 aint nothing i wont do for you. I SWEAR YOU AINT EVER BEEN SPOILED THE WAY IM BOUT TO SPOIL YOU."

He even tweeted the same message with a photo of he and his lady.

Considering how public Bow Wow has been about his feelings, it's hard to think we could have missed (or he didn't share) the news of eloping with Kiyomi. They could also be making it official during this surprise trip. The two made their love be known back in January when Bow shared a video to his Instagram with Kiyomi and a caption saying "My girl bad. My bag right. And we upping the standards."