Boosie Badazz is still banned from Instagram and on Tuesday morning, the head of the platform, Adam Mosseri, stopped by The Breakfast Club to speak about his banishment. According to Mosseri, Boosie was suspended because he violated the platform's nudity guidelines, but he's calling cap on that story. 

Boosie has officially responded to Adam Mosseri and he's urging the head of Instagram to "tell the truth" about his suspension. The rapper says he's being kept away from the outlet because of racism.

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"How the hell my Instagram was took cause of nudity? It was took cause of fucking racism," angrily said Boosie in a new video. "The girl who I posted on my piano, she had emojis over everything. You took my Instagram and you took her Instagram. You gave her her Instagram back in 3-4 days but you took my Instagram. Tell the truth. Tell Charlamagne Tha God the truth. That's the fucking truth. The girl I posted on my piano, she had emojis over all her body parts, you took both of our Instagrams, you gave her her Instagram back, you never gave me mine back."

Boosie has found a few loopholes around the ban, returning under different usernames, but he's had bad luck with those, getting suspended on those too. He uploaded a second video to get more off his chest.

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"Adam Mosseri, can you give me my page back," he politely asked. "Y'all gave her her page back, can you give me my page back? Before that, my page was never taken away from me. You done gave everybody they page back, give me another chance. Give me my official Boosie page back with my 10.5 million followers so I can help feed my family some more. Do y'all think about the hurt that you cause people's families when y'all take they page? And you give somebody else's page who don't have no followers back. You should give me my page back. The community wants to see me, man. Just like y'all wanna see all the people y'all love, the community wanna see me, man."

Do you think Boosie will get his page back with his passionate plea?