If you want to see Boosie Badazz befuddled, ask him about beautiful women. The controversial rapper has been catching heat lately over comments he made about his children, but he seems to have brushed that aside for the time being. He caught up with VladTV and was asked to name his top five hottest, as in looks, women in rap. Somewhere things were lost in translation because he listed off his favorite female emcees according to their talents.

"Lil Kim, originator. Number one through the nineties," he began. "It's Lil Kim, Trina, Cardi B, Nicki [Minaj]. That's four. Lil Kim, Trina, Cardi B, Nicki what I done seen. What other female rapper?" Vlad reiterates that this list is about looks, not lyrical skills, and Boosie switches things up. After that revelation, Boosie was able to answer a bit more quickly. "Eve! Eve. I've been in love with Eve forever," he said. Boosie added that Nicki Minaj was on the list because so many other women wanted to be her, and Cardi was also added because Cardi had a thuggish side. "It's a difference between the bad b*tch in Cardi and the bad b*tch in Nicki." He then takes a long pause.

"Trina, you gotta go with the baddest b*tch," the rapper said before revealing his last choice. "I'm going with Mulatto... You gotta go with that yellow... Yeah. Go with the fresh." Vlad said agreed with most of Boosie's list, but he'd add Megan Thee Stallion because she's natural. Check out the discussion below.