All YFN Lucci wanted to do was give a shoutout to Boosie Badazz for looking out for him. The Atlanta rapper shared a photo of himself with Boosie to his Instagram, and Webbie decided to leave a comment under the picture. "N*GGAZ DID THAT AND DOING ALL THIS SH*T FOR THE BOSS NOW ..BUT WHERE THE F*CK ALL U N*GGAZ WAS,WHEN I SACRIFICED ALL MY SH*T..N TOOK CARE OF FAMILIES WHEN YOU WAS IN JAIL..JUST WONDERING." He made it clear exactly who he was speaking to by tagging Boosie Badazz at the end of his message.

Things then escalated quickly, and Boosie wrote a lengthy reply. Earlier this year, Boosie told VladTV that he and Webbie weren't beefing, so this random bit of tension caught everyone off guard. “U coulda call me n*gga smh truth is you NEVER sent my mother a ‘dollar’ n y’all had FREE BOOSIE concerts all over SHE NEVA GOT A DIME SMH you lyin bra," Boosie wrote.

He stated that Waka Flocka, Yo Gotti, and Jeezy made sure that his mother was taken care of while he was locked up, but he claimed Webbie was nowhere to be found. "Everybody know I’ve tried to help you millions of times. Every time we’ve tried to get you n the studio u leave. Trill even tried gettin writers for you out bra," Boosie continued.

“Ive tried to get you features u refuse 7500 over n over again n that’s more than your show price," he wrote. "U want me to be like n have hate for all the artist n da game n that’s fake. The rap industry that u think hate u actually have respect for u n*gga. U THE ONE TO BLAME FOR YOUR DOWNFALL. I CANT MAKE U RAP N I CANT MAKE U HUSTLE. IT GOTA BE BORN N YA.” 

Boosie Badazz reiterated once again that Webbie didn't help his family, calling Webbie's claims a "bold face lie [100 percent]." Not long after this comment was made, Boosie shut down his Instagram. However, he's back in action, ready to defend his name. Read his message in full below