Nicki Minaj has one of the most passionate fanbases in all of music. Her supporters will stop at nothing to ensure her success on the charts, buying multiple copies of anything she's featured on, as well as defending her at every corner. 

After A$AP Ferg's song with the Queen, "Move Ya Hips", was previewed by DJ Clue, the Barbs went crazy on social media, begging for the release of the twerk-ready banger. When it was released, they did their part in trying to snag a #1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 but, when it didn't come near that point, Nicki's fanbase accused Ferg of failing to submit the sales figures from his website. "#ASAPFergIsOverParty" began trending as angry Barbs flooded his inbox with hate mail.

In a new interview with Complex, Ferg is speaking about the experience of being targeted by Nicki fans, addressing the drama.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"Man, I love all the passion, because that just shows me how far her supporters are willing to go for her," he said, carefully navigating his response. "I would want my supporters to do the same thing. But it got to the point where it was just like, okay, all right. We have to be real with ourselves. Why wouldn't I want this song to go number one? And there's no such thing as giving in your sales to Billboard. They collect that themselves."

Ferg went on to say that he doesn't blame the Barbs for reacting as such, crediting their passion.

"I don't know who gave them that information. I'm a huge fan and pleased to work with someone like Nicki, so that's an opportunity that I wouldn't even want to mess up for myself," clarified the Harlem rapper. "You know, that's the best way to describe them: super passionate. And I don't fault them for that. They're just super passionate, and I love it."

During the same interview, Ferg refused to speak much about his ongoing drama with the A$AP Mob. Instead, he has promised to release a new song that will touch on his status in the group.