In case you don’t know, XXXTentacion was supposed to stand trial on October 5th, for charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering. The charges were filed by the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, and some of the extremely disturbing case details were revealed in a gruesome summary of the deposition. Since the initial charges were filed last October, the rapper has experienced an undeniable burst in success and stardom. With his official debut album 17 garnering critical acclaim, even securing a co-sign from Kendrick Lamar, X’s musical career was undeniably on the rise, in spite of his impending legal issues.

Now, the initial court date has gone the way of the rapper’s eyebrows, with Pitchfork reporting that there is no longer any trial date currently scheduled. There is, however, a hearing, which will find both parties discussing the matter in a court of law. According to a “spokesperson from the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office’s” X’s lawyer is responsible for the delay. The spokesperson elaborates on the process below:

“The prosecutor is ready to go to trial at any point. I cannot speak for the defense counsel…However, at this point, the defense attorney has not yet made the defense witnesses available for us to depose. The defense attorney is now indicating he’s not free for the taking of the depositions until late October or early November.”

As of now, X’s camp has yet to respond to Pitchfork. After the initial details broke, X was quick to laugh off the haters, issuing a cold response via social media. If the allegations are true, it’s certainly a bad look for the young rapper, who recently has been rising in stardom and notoriety. The trial, when it does eventually happen, will certainly be a big one for X, as the details of the deposition don’t exactly paint him in the most positive light.

Either way, the truth will soon come out. 


XXXTentacion's Domestic Abuse Trial Has Been Pushed Back