XXXTentacion had his music career tainted slightly in recent days, following revelations that came out of a testimony given by a former girlfriend of his. The lengthy document was taken from a session this past January, where the victim spoke about recurring abuse that the rapper allegedly subjected her to. After an online meet-cute that ultimately led to the couple moving in together, a extensive track record of horrific events began to occur. From reportedly slapping her with a smartphone, multiple violent outbursts at their Orlando home and a terrifying moment where X "head-butted her, punched her, stomped on her, and put her in the bathtub, where he continued hitting and kicking her," the record of X's time spent with this woman is a harrowing one. Now, the young rapper has sounded off against all those who have come after him following these allegations. His response was a characteristically unhinged one.

In the first part of several clips lifted from XXXTentacion's Instagram stories, he questions whether people are mad at him because he's successful before telling the haters to "suck my d**k." He continues to sarcastically say that he's going to join the feminist movement, breaking into a fit of maniacal laughter at the tail end of his sentence. The rant ends with him saying that "n****s gonna be so mad" when he drops an upcoming music video for one of his new tracks, insisting that they "can't ignore" him or what he's doing. He also says that people are raging at him just because he's trying to be himself, making himself out to be the primary victim in this case of online mudslinging.

Whatever your stance is on the contents of the testimony that sparked his whole debate on X's morality as a human being, one thing cannot be denied: his music continues to sell. His album 17 is projected to move another 51,000 streaming plus sales units in its second week on the market, a higher number than had been previously speculated. He trails Lil Uzi Vert in second-week album sales by a little over 20,000 SPS units, as Luv Is Rage 2 continues to perform well with audiences too.