The topic of NFL players who decide to kneel during the playing the U.S. National Anthem has been a hot-button topic ever since Colin Kaepernick did so back in 2016 to protest the rash of police brutality incidents against minority groups. However, during the first three weeks of this year’s football season, the polarization of that discussion has reached a fever pitch, with social media users using opinions like weapons that they choose to live or die by. After Twitter trolled Ray Lewis for his about-face on the issue, several other celebrities, including some well-known names from the world of hip-hop have taken stands today against Donald Trump’s words about those who chose to kneel today and all those to stand by that opinion.

Ice Cube, an outspoken critic of Trump’s since the Republican candidate’s first foray into politics, took to Twitter to make sure his voice was heard loud and clear. He asked fans to never let a “son of a bitch” (meaning Trump) to distract you from speaking up about racial discrimination. Check out his tweet below.

Next up was Russell Simmons, the Def Jam co-founder and another activist voice who hasn’t been shy about letting the honest words fly in response to various comments made by Donald Trump since the businessman took office. He definitely was not down with those who chose to lock arms or even stay in the locker room during the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner.” In a word, he thinks they’re all “bitches.”

He later regretted the choice of words in his tweet, but said that his opinion hasn’t changed one bit.

Many others found a means to protest at the various football games scheduled for today or via social media, focused on spreading a message of unity and solidarity against the words of a President whose approval rating is quickly shrinking into oblivion.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube, Russell Simmons & More React To National Anthem Kneeling In NFL