Lil B’s career has spanned for over a decade at this point. The Bay Area rapper initially stepped into the scene with his group, The Pack, in 2006 with their single “Vans.” While Lil B wasn’t nearly at the level of being the cultural figure that he is today, it was the beginning. After the group released two albums, the Based God ended up venturing off on a solo route. Since then, his cultural influence has been recognized by Ivy League colleges, the rap game and everything in between. However, The Based God doesn’t feel like the originality that he’s brought to the game has been recognized to the extent that it should be, claiming he’s one of the few original rappers the game has to offer.

Lil B went on a bit of a Twitter rant earlier. He says that he’s the only rapper in the game right now that doesn’t sounds like Migos or Future, referring to the fact that the majority of rappers coming out these days have bitten their flow.

“Lil B the only rapper who doesn’t rap like the Migos or sound like future in 2017!! He is truly an original!!!” He tweeted out. However, it doesn’t end there. Throughout his tweets, he also claims responsibility for Gucci Mane’s positive persona these days.

“Lil B is the reason why gucci mane is positive !!! Nobody in hip hop was cool and positive but lil b! I’m original “The BasedGod” !” He said, before continuing onto saying that he inspired a league of rappers who’ve added “God” to their name. “6 God trap god ugly god ski mask the slump god we all no that was inspired by “The BasedGod” the original! No lil b no culture!”

Lil B does make a point. Prior to The Based God, nobody really claimed being a “God” to that extent.

Aside from claiming responsibility for rappers names, he also said that DJ Khaled needed to get him on his next album… if he’s really about the culture.

“Dj Khalid need to put lil b on one of his next projects or he not really the culture period I’m calling out names TAP in” He tweeted.

While Lil B sounded a bit frustrated throughout the whole rant this afternoon, he did take some time to show love to ILoveMakonnen.

“Shouts out to @iLoveMakonnen5D who not scared to embrace Lil B in public! – Lil b” he tweeted.

Twitter rants are typically done out of frustration but Lil B’s frustration is justified. He’s undoubtedly influenced a whole generation of rappers and artists alike. From Drake to A$AP Rocky to Ugly God, Lil B’s influence has transcended through the eras.

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