50 Cent is looking to lock down some of his song titles to presumably use for television in the near future, according to TMZ.

50’s team has taken action to own television trademarks for “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” off of his debut album from 2003, and “Hustler’s Ambition,” a 2005 track. The rapper is also reportedly looking to lock down apparel for Hustler’s Ambition, including t-shirts, hoodies and raincoats and more.

His show Power has found stellar success since debuting in 2014 and continues to be a favorite among fans of 50’s work. He’s undoubtedly hustled to come this far but it takes a special type of innovator to move from niche to niche and find success among the shaky industry’s that are music and show business. We’re definitely looking forward to what 50 has in store, and if it’s anything like “Power” then we’re all in for a treat. 

After seeing some trouble financially just years ago, 50 has bounced back and become a Bitcoin millionaire after allowing fans to get a copy of his 2014 album Animal Ambition using the cryptocurrentcy, a move which earned him around 700 Bitcoins – which was nothing back then, but is now almost worth £6 million after the recent surge in value.