Metro Boomin’s Sister Slams Him For Going After Drake But Letting Soulja Boy Slide

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Metro Boomin's sister wants to know why he didn't fire back at Soulja Boy, despite being accused of "sacrificing" his own mother.

Metro Boomin's sister has had a lot to say about him online in recent days, and one clip in particular has managed to get a lot of fans' attention. In it, she calls out her brother for his responses to his recent feuds with both Drake and Soulja Boy. According to her, Drake's "Make some drums" jab was far less serious than Soulja Boy's unhinged rant. She points out that while Metro made an entire "diss beat" in response to Drake, he seemingly spared Soulja Boy.

For reference, Soulja Boy caught wind of an old Tweet written by Metro Boomin in 2012 last month and immediately took to social media to demand he delete it. "F*ck is you talking about Metro Groomin?" he asked, also bringing up the producer's late mother. "You sacrificed your own mom @MetroBoomin you a puppet," he said. "All the streams, sales, money, and fame not gone bring your mom back @MetroBoomin was it worth it?"

Metro Boomin's Sister Questions Lack Of Response To Soulja Boy

21 Savage even ended up getting involved, and seeing the wrath of Soulja Boy as a result. Regardless, Metro kept quiet, refusing to acknowledge the wild insults. His sister finds this strange and wonders why dissing their mother didn't upset him more. "This n***a get so out of his body and bothered about what [Drake] said that he goes out of his way to respond with a song," she began. "This n***a Soulja Boy said he sacrificed our mama and what this b*tch say? Not a motherf*cking thing... So that's something that you're allowing people to think about you... And I'm the cr*zy one?"

What do you think of Metro Boomin's sister calling him out for his seemingly disproportionate responses to Drake and Soulja Boy? Does she have a point, or not? Why do you think Metro Boomin decided not to clap back at Soulja Boy? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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