Up-and-coming Toronto artist, Nue refutes his ability to love on his latest release, “Not Enough.” After a steady stream of releases within the past year, his newest effort is a melodious anthem for solitude. Nue approaches the mellow instrumental with a combination of singing and rapping. Produced by Krinny, the song stands out as a chill banger with a unique sound.

Judging from the artwork – which depicts characters from the anime, Inuyasha – this may be a separate release from his other songs this year that feature monochromatic, stylized artwork. The artist evidently has an eye for the visual arts in addition to his ear for unique music. As for his next moves, that remains a mystery. Nue is fairly reserved on social media, with most of his posts promoting his music. If “Not Enough” is any indication, we can expect more laidback tracks.

Quotable Lyrics

I ran out of love
She ran out of luck, out of luck
I guess the things I did not enough
I fill up, double cup, Addy-ed up