Travis Scott Affiliate Luxury Tax 50 Clowns Tyga After Cannes Brawl

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The rapper claimed that Tyga ran.

The combativeness that drove the first quarter of 2024 is continuing to take root in Q2. The dust is still settling on the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle, but now Travis Scott and Tyga appear to be going at it. The camps of both rappers had a scuffle during a Cannes afterparty on May 23. TMZ reported that Tyga's close friend, Alexander "AE" Edwards, instigated a physical confrontation with Scott's camp, which led to the Astroworld rapper shoving "AE" on stage.

Tyga and Travis Scott did have direct physical contract at the event. Nevertheless, the history between the rappers, both of whom have dated Kylie Jenner, have led many fans to draw conclusions of their own. Conclusions that were bolstered on May 24. Luxury Tax 50, a longtime affiliate of Travis Scott's, posted about the incident on his Instagram. Instead of talking down the incident, or claiming that all is good between Tyga and Huncho Jack, Luxury fired shots. He posted black text on a white background that read: "Tyga run faster then a Jack Rabbit."

Luxury Tax 50 Claimed Tyga Ran During Their Encounter

This stands in contrast to the reports of what happened after the Cannes brawl. TMZ claimed that Scott and Southside, the producer who was also involved, left the afterparty once things got broken up. Tyga and "AE," meanwhile, stayed at the party until close. Tyga continued to promote the notion of him being unbothered on social media. Hours after the altercation broke, the Young Money rapper posted a video of him in a speedboat. He doesn't say anything, he merely stares into the camera.

The impetus behind the brawl has not been made clear. Fans have been quick to point to the Kylie Jenner connection as a cause, and TMZ noted that Travis Scott was irritated by his treatment during the party. He was introduced alongside Tyga, and reportedly "seemed pissed he was being lumped in" with the rapper. He snatched the microphone from the hand of the person MC'ing, Richie Akiva, which is what prompted "AE" to make a move. More details to come.


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